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Online single speed dating is a scary prospect to many single people, particularly those who never expected to be single again. But whether through break-ups, divorce, or death, many of us do find ourselves in the position of wanting to meet a person for single dating and companionship.

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Most of the speed dating is one way to accomplish this, and even if you don’t meet the one, it can be a worthwhile adventure. Here’s how to induct you into the world of speed dating. Find out about speed dating events in your area. On the night of the speed-dating event, it’s important to dress well, but don’t forget hygiene. Make sure you don’t look as if you just came from the gym. Accessorize well, but don’t overdo it.

Many singles speed dating events are held in upscale bars. The 30 minutes or so before the event actually starts are for mingling but that time is mainly used for scoping out prospects and tossing back a few drinks. If you think you might overdo it, arrive a few minutes past the starting time for the event. If you don’t drink alcohol, purchase a soft drink or at least get some water; speed-dating events last for up to 90 minutes, and talking that much, that fast will make you thirsty. There are lot of adultfriendfinder sites are provide speed dating website services.

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When the event begins, the host usually rings a bell. Women stay seated while men move from table to table when the bell rings, or vice versa. There are often suggested topics on the table in case you and your date can’t get a conversation going, but many people ignore these and go with the tried-and-true.

If you haven’t already written an elevator speech, you might want to do so before you go speed-dating. This won’t be a waste of time, no matter what happens at the singles online speed dating event, because an elevator speech is extremely helpful for professional networking.

After you’ve met everyone, the event is over; the host will let you know what to do next. At many events, you’ll have been provided with a sheet on which to make notes about who you want to continue communicating with; after the event, you take that sheet home and enter the information in an online form.

If you can, try to hang around and mingle after speed-dating; you’ll have a more relaxed environment in which you can get to know some of the participants. Keep an open mind; an individual who put you off because of her or his nervous jitters might make a much better impression in a less formal setting.

Check your local newspaper and area newsletters and talk to your friends. You can check speedxdating.com, which runs australian dating websites events in many areas, or Google speed-dating, your city, your state for options. If you live in a small town, check for speed-dating events in nearby city areas.

After the event, follow the procedure for remaining in touch with the individuals you found attractive at swingers personals and speed-dating. And no matter what the outcome, congratulate yourself for stepping outside your comfort zone and giving speed-dating a chance.

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