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Fairfield, United States
I am a kind hearted young man looking for someone to fill the gaps in on the journey of life.

I am usually a happy person that enjoys a challenge.I have business commitments that do take up a lot of time but always find time for myself for relaxation. I beleive I am an honest person with good morals which are one of the main ingredients of community acceptance.
I have travelled overseas many time in the last 15 years which does give you a better understanding of life and hardships of other people.And the good old Aussie holiday interstate never goes astray either.
I dont mind cooking, usually stir fries or steamed vegs with what ever I feel like at the time. It is good to sit down with a red or three with good company. (purley for communication of course lol)
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I am looking for a nice lady who lives no more than an hour from me who would like to share the spices of intimacy. I would prefer the outdoor type of lady as I live by the beach and enjoy the hormony of it and the life style.