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Fairfield, United States
I don't want a saint for a husband or lady- killer looks but a normal, decent man who can take care and provide for a family, and above all, with a confidence and self-worth to love and make my heart race. Believe me when I say that I come from a family of Sex fiends (but only behind close doors and to an exclusive, monogamous partner). I am loving and affectionate and really want to get married! I like walks at the beach, movies, soccer and pop music (okay, really soppy romantic ballads).
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Seeking a self- confident extrovert, considerate and sympathetic bloke. You need to be more than 152cm tall, proportionally built, easy- going but responsible for the things that matter such as taking care of family and making friends. It is an crucial that you are also an Australian citizen, extremely literate and just about or nearly financially stable (when we are team, we'll get there).