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Ann Arbor, United States
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travelling,reading, hiking,cooking,watch TV and so on..
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cheat and play game

firstly, how do you think the person in the picture? i think i am optimistic and sincere. so, do you want to know more about me? hope you can contact me if you are really interested in know such a chinese lady.

well, i am not the person who would count so much to one's outward apprearance and age. but, one's inside beauty is the most important thing.
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I am a sincere lady. I am looking for my future husband. I will give him all my love if he loves me.

I am looking for a man for marriage, a man who is easy-going and honest. kindhearted and sincere . a man who can love me and i love him in the rest of my life.

In thousands of years, among thousands of people, on the howling wilderness of time, I hope I won’t be earlier and won’t be late, I hope I meet you at the right time. I just ask you gently : Oh, you are here.

Then we hold hands and grow old together.