Sensual Tantric Massage for Dating Sexy Women

For beginners, allow her soak in the bath for about 5 to 10 minutes just to relax her tense muscles and nerves. Don’t stick together in the bath immediately.

Initiate by only sexually massaging her sitting outside the bath tub. Sit by her side or and employ a wooden massage roller and move it along her body gently.

Dating Sexy Women

Dating Sexy Women

You can pose yourself at the top edge of the tub and massage her head gently. Glide your hands beneath your shoulders and then slowly draw them up and out. A difference of this step is to draw your hands down the underneath of the head, with your fingers touching the back of the neck.

Gently shampoo her hair too. The tender pressure of your hands on her scalp in blend with the fluffy lather of the shampoo will be a great feeling for her. Also, this is the magnificence of a sexual massage in the bathroom, no body bothers for the all the water and lather that may spill out on the floor.

At this instant, without stopping your massage strokes, enter into the bathtub and hug your beautiful woman partenr. Sit in the rear, just with her back to yours .begin massaging her shoulders and toil your technique to her lower back. And at this moment comes the most anticipated element… massaging her front.

Initiate by getting over and cupping her breasts softly. You can use the lather or better put some soap gel on your hands and begin massaging her breasts as if you are attempting to make a lot of lather!

Kid her by massaging her breasts, touching to her shoulders, going away and then back to her breasts, going downward and gently cover her stomach, back to the breasts again. This will bring in here sex dating feeling and really enjoy your massage. Every time, be a spot more daring and go below and more below her front. For example, now massage her belly button with your little finger and then get back to her breasts before get down to her pubic area.

Here’s an impish hint for you: unless your sexy women has removed all her pubic hair, you can do lathering her hair downward there merely apply the unchanged strokes you did as if you are washing her hair.

As a peak to this erotic hot tub sexual pop in your finger in her hot spot. Keep in mind, this ought to be component of the sexual massage and must not be the sexual act itself so be tender while fingering her. The aim is not to create her come but to just bond with that unique place as well. Have a good time!

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