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Many people are not sure of what could be the purpose of attending the retreat of gay men.

At first glance, it may seem like an event one attends in order to achieve some individual personal goal as simple as taking a vacation, or something more profound, and attend a workshop designed to help people address a wounded past or trauma.

Some men attend retreats in the hope that a special someone might cross his path. These are all good reasons to attend the retreat of gay personals, but I would like to draw your attention to the idea of community.

Gay Personals Community

Gay Personals Community

Same-sex unions, if we are talking about domestic partnership, civil Union or equal marriage, have been drawing more and more attention as different communities in the United States begin to rise up is an obvious concept, two men or two women drawn together by love, should enjoy all the rights and privileges which our heterosexual brothers and sisters benefit.

The fight has been more complex in a way that mere homosexual rights. I think confusion about what we are asking for, and the different types of emergencies all make for an advance of three steps, the type of return of two steps in the fight. Do some say that we can already draw documents that give us the rights of visit, inheritance and other marital privileges, so what is the fight on?

Still others are in disagreement with “assimilation” in a convention which is oppressive to straight people. What came of the two films, however, was a message on the community. I knew that at least 15 other people in the audience. When going to the cinema and see fifteen people who know?

Another thing that was powerful was that marriage equality New York volunteers were asking people to motivate to call their senators. They made an important point to find men that the issue was not the representatives here in New York that we needed to get.

Aware that had so many people in the audience who knew and could get in touch with to encourage to keep the fight, I saw how powerful community can be. Seeing the hundreds of gays and lesbians in two documentaries finally achieve its goal of public solemnizing their commitment to each other was moving enough as it is. But to realize that we have the capacity to act as a community I may go beyond my own individual concerns and action to promote humanity.

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